1.12.2022 . 17:00—19:30 . Free event

Biztech Tech Talk - The Science and Power of the Digital Twin


Event by Biztech

Location: MK:U Innovation Hub
Format: Talks

Free Biztech Tech Talk with Nicolas Le Glatin CEO, the OpenSpace Group - The science and power of Digital Twins.

What do NASA, General Electric, Siemans, IMB and Oracle all have in common? They are all using Digital Twin technology to save time and money.

In 2019 the OpenSpace Group launched its Digital Twin of St Pancras Station in London using people detection technology, plus AI-powered pedestrian simulation and visualisation, to predict the flow of people through the station. Station Operators now know in real-time exactly how many people are in any part of the station, they can predict how those numbers will change, and can also run 'what if' scenarios to test how crowds will respond to critical incidents.

With this technology in high demand it's no surprise that Nicolas Le Glatin, CEO of the OpenSpace Group, has won the contract to model the flow of people throughout the whole of the HS1 network, as well as the flow of people through Euston Station as part of the HS2 programme.

Come along and hear from Nicolas about how it all started, what it takes to create a Digital Twin, and the potential for Digital Twin technology to shape our future and how we interact with the world around us.

It's all FREE, with food and drink provided.

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