Tuesday 26 September 2023 . 16:00—18:00

Generative 2028: Envisioning AI's Leap in the Next 5 Years

Generative 2028: Envisioning AI's Leap in the Next 5 Years

Dive into 2028's AI at MKAI's forum. Explore generative AI's future, ethics, and societal impact. Shape tomorrow. All are welcome.

Journey with us into the heart of the future, where generative AI takes another evolutionary leap. This forward-looking and inclusive forum invites attendees to peer into the transformative landscape of 2028. With insightful panellists leading the way, we will explore the expected advancements, the unforeseen challenges, and the ethical frameworks that might govern this AI-driven world. Together, we aspire to chart a course where generative AI doesn't just evolve, but does so with humanity's best interests at its core.

In the context of envisioning AI's leap, we delve deep into projections and possibilities of the next phase of Gen AI. This includes:

  • Predicting AI's progression: Foreseeing the advancements in algorithms, capabilities and applications of generative AI.
  • Anticipating societal implications: How will the advancements of generative AI reshape industries, job markets and daily life?
  • Evolution of human-AI collaboration: Understanding how our roles might change and how we can stay relevant in the design, oversight and deployment processes.
  • AI's equitable growth: Ensuring that the benefits and opportunities of advanced generative AI are accessible to all, regardless of background or expertise.

Forum Abstract:

In this visionary and engaging forum, we set our sights on the horizon of 2028. We aim to decipher the complexities and potentialities of generative AI's growth in the next half-decade. Through informed speculation, expert insights, and diverse perspectives, we'll delve into the promises and pitfalls that await. Our mission is to inspire proactive strategies, encourage informed discussions and lay the groundwork for an AI future that resonates with human values and aspirations.

Forum Objectives:

  • Foresee the trajectory of generative AI by 2028 and its implications on various sectors.
  • Highlight the challenges and propose solutions to potential roadblocks in AI's growth.
  • Re-imagine the human role and expertise in the era of advanced generative AI.
  • Foster a future-focused dialogue to guide ethical and inclusive AI development.
  • Prioritise collaboration, representation and inclusivity in discussing the way forward.

Why Attend:

This forum is your portal to 2028. Engage in groundbreaking discussions that not only anticipate the AI future but also aim to shape it. By attending, you get a unique chance to be at the forefront of discussions that will determine how we prepare for, integrate, and govern the next wave of AI advancements. Be among the first to understand the future trajectories, connect with industry pioneers, and contribute to the collective effort of ensuring AI's growth is beneficial and harmonious for all.

Forum Attendance:

True to MKAI's ethos, this forum is curated to be inclusive, welcoming individuals from all walks of life. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, professional, sceptic, or novice, our platform is tailored to ensure everyone finds value, insight and voice in our collective journey to 2028.

Date & Time
Tuesday 26 September 2023
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