25.02.2021 . 10:00—11:00

How can the Internet of Things benefit your Business?

Theme: General

A Community Event from Barclays

Location: Virtual
Format: Talks

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly, but the benefits are easier to identify in the home than at work. Connected devices collect information and feed this through to data sources where decisions can be made in real time response to this data.

Join us to explore real user cases for smart tech and understand how adoption of IoT has provided a return on investment. The session will include opportunities for reflection and discussion of how the Internet of Things can be leveraged in your own context.

Participants will;

· Increase their understanding of the Internet of Things,

· Be able to describe ways in which this technology has benefitted a range of businesses and

· Have the opportunity to explore how this could be leveraged for their own business.

As this is a virtual event, dial in details will be sent out the day before.