25.01.2021 . 18:00—20:00

AI Coding Workshop for Beginners

Theme: General

A Community Event from MKAI

Location: Virtual
Format: Workshop

Learn how to use Python for AI | Beginners welcome, no coding experience required | Come and learn about Artificial Intelligence

Why attend:
You will gain a valuable perspective on how AI can be used in business and familiarise yourself with Artificial Intelligence. You’ll even do some simple coding.

What you will learn:
You will learn how to use Python to create machine learning models that predict company sales. You can translate this information to better understand how to predict company sales at your own company, allowing you to make more informed financial decisions.

How you will learn it:
We will take a problem-solving approach by creating a Machine Learning model to predict sales based on real-world data. The code will be written in Google Colab, so no prior setup is needed. That way you can directly translate your knowledge to solving problems in your own business.

What are the benefits of attending:
AI is becoming an increasingly useful tool in the business setting. Whether you are the founder of your own small-business, currently job seeking or an employee in a company, knowing how to leverage this powerful tool will help you and your business in the long run. Also, computer science skills are becoming increasingly important during this period of remote work, so you will learn the foundation of this extremely valuable skillset.

Who is the workshop for:
This workshop is designed for anyone who is eager to learn more about AI.