21.01.2021 . 11:00—12:00

New Normal, Post-covid or the Great Reset: Where next?

Theme: General

A Community Event from STC

Location: Virtual
Format: Talks

In readiness for the new year ahead, this session offers you the chance to consider where to go next. Join us to explore opportunities in the technology sectors and optimise your strategies.

We are pleased to welcome our STC members from Whitecap Consulting, a strategy consultancy who supports businesses on strategy analysis and planning, product and market development and digitial transformation. With excellent experience in the technology sector, Whitecap Director Lal Tawney, along with his Associate Directors, James Thwaites and David Mellor, will share insights and strategies to help your business press "reset" for the years ahead.

This focused workshop will help technology-orientated and industrial companies better find their way in a period of buzzwords and change.

We will be exploring:

• Which market sectors are doing well and why?

• What is the outlook for those struggling tech sectors?

• Should you wait it out, gently diversify or transform?