Saturday 20 July 2024 . 11:00—16:00

Summer Holidays STEM Bytes

Summer Holidays STEM Bytes

STEM Family Activities! Fun for the Whole Family

Join us for exciting STEM activities that the entire family can enjoy! Explore the Museum together and be inspired by our hands-on, interactive sessions led by expert facilitators.

Our educational STEM activities are a must-visit event in Milton Keynes, perfect for children (and parents) seeking creative fun during school holidays. We offer a wide range of activities, including Sphero Bolts, Minecraft, OSMO Augmented Reality, and programming with BBC Micros and micro:bits. There's something for everyone to enjoy and plenty to captivate kids throughout the holidays.

Come for the educational fun and stay for the endless possibilities. Dive into coding, robotics, augmented reality, virtual reality, and much more with us!

Educational fun for all the family!

Each day consists of 2 drop in sessions spread throughout the day, leaving you time to explore the museum and enjoy all of the STEM activities! Please note that parental supervision is required at all times.

The Structure of The Day*

Session 1 - 11:00-13:00

Session 2 - 14:00 - 16:00


This workshop is focused on robotics and includes two sessions. Participants will use a variety of robotics kits, including Sphero Bolts, Cubetto, and Ozobots to learn about programming and robotics in a fun, hands-on environment. The workshop is designed to for children up to the age of 15, but has activities for all interests!

Days: 20th July, 23rd July, 3rd August, 13th August, 15th August, 24th August


This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the world of coding and programming. The workshop utilises popular tools and resources such as Minecraft Education Edition, Micro:Bits, and OSMO Augmented Reality Kits to make coding more accessible and engaging for learners. This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced coders alike, and is designed to be both fun and educational.

Days: 25th July, 1st August, 6th August,10th August, 17th August, 22nd August, 31st August

Virtual & Augmented Reality

This workshop is designed for participants of all ages to experience the capabilities of VR/AR technology. Children under 12 will focus on Augmented Reality games and experiences, while participants over 12 will get the chance to experience Virtual Reality and take part in a teamwork-based game about defusing bombs, drawing on a 3D canvas and more! The workshop is designed to be fun and educational, and is a great way to explore the exciting world of VR and AR technology.

Days: 27th July, 30th July, 4th August, 8th August, 18th August, 27th August, 29th August

Activities are suitable for all ages unless otherwise stated.


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Saturday 20 July 2024
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