25.03.2021 . 17:00—19:00

Trust in the age of AI: Data Disclosure

Theme: General

A Community Event from MKAI

Location: Virtual
Format: Talks

Featuring top speakers, this MKAI Inclusive Forum discusses the big themes around trust of and in AI. The March event focusses on the issue of understandability; touching on data, algorithms, explainability (XAI), communication, ethics and inclusivity. As always the MKAI Forums are open to everyone from all walks of life. Our expert speakers make the subject approachable and comprehensible to help all of us improve our AI-fluency and understanding of the domain.

Speaker 1: Nikita Lukianets, Founder at Open Ethics

Presentation: TBC

Nikita Lukianets, a Founder of the Open Ethics initiative that fosters the inclusive dialogue between experts and citizens to design systems where humans and AI successfully work together. Nikita is also a Founder and CTO at PocketConfidant AI, a 24/7 coaching technology powered by artificial intelligence. Previously, as a fellow with SIGNALIFE Ph.D. program in life sciences in France, Nikita worked on supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms for neuronal classification, bridging approaches in neurobiology and statistical learning.

Speaker 2: Matthew Bailey, Founder at AIEthics.World

Presentation: TBC

Matthew James Bailey is an internationally recognised maven in the Internet of Things, Innovation, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. His extraordinary leadership is widely acknowledged throughout governments and the private sector. He is a sought-after advisor, consultant and keynote speaker. Bailey has been privileged to meet with famous global leaders such as Steve Wozniak, innovation and technology; Sir David Attenborough, the environment; Professor Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and cosmologist; in addition to prime ministers, ministers, under secretaries of G7 Countries, and many more. See more at http://www.matthewjamesbailey.com.

Speaker 3: TBC

Presentation: TBC