Founders Circle

Founders Circle a curated community of ambitious entrepreneurs based in and around Milton Keynes.

Through monthly in-person roundtable events we provide a space to support each other through shared insights, knowledge, and networks.

Our community is designed for founders building scalable businesses that are developing innovative technologies. The community is run on an invitation-only basis with the opportunity for founders to be introduced by existing members, select partners, and on an application basis.

Apply to Join

Please use this form is to apply for a seat at our roundtables. We have a maximum capacity of 12 people and 2 seats are currently available. Sessions are held monthly from 6pm-9pm on the first Wednesday of each month in Central Milton Keynes.

Due to the limited seats available and to ensure the sessions are valuable for all who attend, we seek founders of businesses that meet the following criteria:

✦ The business is developing innovative technology and intellectual property that is scalable
✦ The product has been developed beyond an idea (MVP stage minimum)
✦ The founder is committing at least 50% of their time to the business
✦ The founder can attend at least 8 of the 12 monthly in-person sessions in one year
✦ The founder, or business, is based in or around Milton Keynes

Eligible applications will be reviewed by the group at the next meeting (meetings held monthly). A decision will be made through a majority vote and you will be notified of the outcome by email.