Bringing the community together to solve problems and build solutions

Over the course of one or two days, attendees collaborate to explore, design and develop a project which aims to support the wider Milton Keynes community.

Whatever your skillset or ability, our hack days and hackathons are a great opportunity to work as a team on a fast paced collaborative project.

2022 Tech Ecosystem Hackday

21st October 2022

Following the release of the MK Tech Ecosystem Report, our Hack Day provided participants the opportunity to explore some of the recommendations identified in the report.

Tech Ecosystem Hackday

Through collaborative brainstorming, discussion and research three teams identified ways in which these recommendations could be delivered, alongside the challenges and opportunities raised by each.

Tech Ecosystem Hackday
2021 Green Roof Hackathon

18th September – 19th September 2021

To support Bridgman & Bridgman's Green Roof Project at Saxon Court, a brief was developed to measure, compare and present the effectiveness of green roofs in supporting the environment.

Green Roof Tech Hackathon

Attendees broke out in to 4 teams; research, software, hardware and content. Using sensors to measure carbon capture, rainfall retention, biodiversity, and other environmentally beneficial attributes, the hackathon teams developed hardware and software to capture and visualise the data.

Green Roof Hackathon

The final result was a setup of sensors connected to an area of green roof and an area of standard roof, capturing data which was uploaded to a server to be visualised and compared.

Green Roof Hackathon
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