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Unity Place

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Unity Place aims to create a thriving, sustainable, and inclusive future for Milton Keynes, where community, business, and leisure are brought together through a shared ethos. As a landmark destination in Milton Keynes, we aim to shape the landscape with a future-forward, multi-purpose facility that champions environmental stewardship and fosters social connectedness. Designed as a purpose-built, green workspace and vibrant visitor attraction, Unity Place will be the cornerstone of the city's evolution, bolstering local pride and aspirations.

Located at the gateway of Milton Keynes, Unity Place will serve as an accessible hub for locals and visitors, seamlessly integrating sustainability and connectivity into its core. As a leading social enterprise centre, we commit to celebrating the diverse spirit of our community, hosting events and occasions that strengthen our bonds and enrich our cultural heritage. By embodying a planet-first approach and fostering an environment of unity, we aspire to make a lasting, future-proof contribution to the city's landscape, both physically and figuratively.

Unity Place, Grafton Gate, Milton Keynes, UK