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At Girls in Science, we thrive on ambition and create experiences for early career individuals to be one-step-ahead of the game.

Girls In Science is a Social Enterprise, Science Communications Initiative started in 2018, that aims to encourage and equip our community from ages 14-30 into a career of STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Maths) – with a special focus on Science. GIS runs with 12 individuals, led by Lakechia Jeanne - the majority of which are students and early career individuals based in the UK and internationally. Our unique make-up of age and diversity means that we are largely representative of the demographic we currently reach. And we use Digital Communication as our main channel to promote careers in STEM. For the crucial decision-making processes that shape our community’s early careers.

Even though STEM is our main focus in brand and mission. Our goal is to accelerate the careers for all of our community who simply want to be ambitious young females, making a difference in their communities. We career accelerating