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MK:U provides the perfect environment for inspiring curiosity; offering fresh opportunities to discover tech-enabled innovations, always exploring novel ways of thinking and working. Designed to address the digital skills gap, MK:U is redefining how people think about education with a focus on sustainable technologies and widening participation in STEM.

Education at MK:U is framed around business, preparing students for the workplace and focusing as much on the practical application of knowledge as its theoretical base. This is achieved by consulting regularly with employers on their needs and working with them to identify current and future skills gaps.

Professional skills at the heart of the curriculum

In-depth consultations with businesses as part of the design phase of the curriculum have led to the development of an 'MK:U Professional Skills Framework'.

In this framework, 'personal development', 'business awareness' and 'working effectively' are key skills which will be delivered and assessed throughout the early part of each degree. The skills curriculum will culminate in a substantial project (‘professional project’) which will consolidate the technical and professional skills acquired throughout the entire degree programme.

All aspects of MK:U courses, including professional skills and technical curriculum, are kept current with guidance from Advisory Boards comprising local and national employers. Advisory Board members will also play an active role in stimulating site visits, case studies, student projects and on-site learning.

Practical, problem-based learning

Our education style is different from other universities. Instead of traditional lectures and exams, our entire curriculum uses problem-based learning (PBL) as our core educational approach. This ‘hands-on’, experience-based educational approach values all practical applications of knowledge including projects, site visits, case studies and simulations which promote collaboration and communication on all levels.

This approach is also reflected in the admissions of students – while academic attainment is part of the admissions process, there will also be opportunities for students to demonstrate their potential aptitude to study at MK:U.

Living laboratory

The practical, experiential approach to education adopted by MK:U includes student research and practical projects that use MK:U’s knowledge quarter and the city itself as their proving ground. This ‘Living Lab’ enables students and entrepreneurs to showcase and test exciting new ideas on the ground.

Flexible hybrid

Today’s workforce will need to retrain and/or skill up multiple times during their working lives. With this in mind, MK:U education has been designed around a flexible learning model to drive adaptability and innovation required in the 21st century. We know that face-to-face sessions are important to learners; however, we also know that it is not always possible to physically attend all sessions. MK:U offers a hybrid delivery approach using the latest technology to keep the high standard of delivery in all environments, allowing learners to attend either in person or remotely.

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