3.03.2022 . 17:00—18:00

Biztech series on the digital economy – 1. Scanning the horizon

Theme: General

A Community Event from Biztech

Location: Virtual
Format: Talks

The first of three events on ‘Navigating the Digital Economy’. These are part of the SkillsHub:MK programme of events and are FREE OF CHARGE.

Educators such as the Open University (OU) are constantly horizon scanning to understand where digital technology is headed. It is essential they do. Through their Management and Apprenticeship programmes, they educate a major proportion of the UK’s workforce, equipping them for the jobs of tomorrow. They also publish reports about the digital skills that will be needed in the future.

To figure out the digital direction of travel, and get it right, the OU has to be at the top of its game. How do they do it? And do they get it right?

Find out how the OU navigates the technology trends and developments that are important for businesses. Discover their process for finding out what's current and what's next - and learn what businesses can take away from their process.