Milton Keynes — challenging the status quo since 1967

With a longstanding history of innovation, Milton Keynes is widely recognised as one of the UK's fastest growing cities with the fourth highest number of business startups in the UK.

Welcome to Milton Keynes, a testbed for new ideas and a hub for technology and innovation As a standout destination in the UK for technology and entrepreneurship, Milton Keynes is a beacon for businesses, startups, and educational pursuits in cutting-edge tech sectors. A combination of strong transport links, close proximity to London and its culture of innovation has made it’s an ideal place for technology companies of all sizes.

Ranked the second best place to work in the UK by the Times, Milton Keynes is home to a highly skills workforce with over 6,000 software engineers and 4,000 data engineers. It's cutting-edge research facilities and world-class technology clusters have attracted leading businesses from the technology and manufacturing sectors.

An ambitious strategy for 2050 and rapidly growing economy provides the foundations for a bright future.

Milton Keynes city is better by design.

Milton Keynes: A Brief History

Milton Keynes, a city conceived with the future in mind, has a history deeply rooted in innovation and technological breakthroughs. Its creation in the 1960s as a purpose-built urban area was a pioneering step in modern city planning, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and community living. The city's historical significance is further amplified by its connection to Bletchley Park, known as the birthplace of modern computing. Here, during World War II, brilliant minds like Alan Turing worked on deciphering the Enigma code, laying the foundations for modern computer science. This legacy of intellectual daring and problem-solving is woven into the fabric of the city, continuing to inspire and drive innovation in various tech sectors.

Why Milton Keynes is Great for Business and Startups

Milton Keynes stands out as an economic hotbed with an entrepreneurial spirit that energises the tech sector. Its strategic location, roughly equidistant from London, Birmingham, Oxford, and Cambridge, provides an ideal setting for businesses seeking connectivity and accessibility. The city is not only a magnet for multinational technology companies but also a nurturing ground for innovative startups. Supported by Invest Milton Keynes working to promote the future development of the city and a range of business communities, events, and funding opportunities, startups here find a conducive environment for growth. The city’s commitment to fostering a supportive business ecosystem is evident in its efforts to streamline processes, provide valuable resources, and create networking opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

Technology and Innovation Clusters

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

In the fields of AI and data science, Milton Keynes is rapidly becoming a UK hub. The city hosts a vibrant community of tech firms and research institutions working at the forefront of these technologies. From AI-driven healthcare solutions to data analytics startups transforming big data into actionable insights, Milton Keynes is a hotbed of innovation.

Advanced Manufacturing

The city’s industrial landscape is marked by a significant presence in advanced manufacturing. With a focus on automation, robotics, and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, companies in Milton Keynes are redefining the manufacturing sector, contributing to its reputation as a centre for industrial innovation.

Smart City Initiatives

Milton Keynes is a leader in smart city technologies, from sustainable urban development projects to IoT solutions enhancing city services. These initiatives are not only improving the quality of urban life but also positioning the city as a model for how technology can be integrated into city planning and management.

Education and Talent Development

The education sector in Milton Keynes plays a pivotal role in sustaining the city's tech ecosystem. Universities and colleges in the area offer a wide range of technology-focused courses, from computer science and AI to engineering and digital arts. These institutions maintain strong ties with the tech industry, facilitating internships, collaborative projects, and research opportunities that give students real-world experience. The city’s emphasis on education ensures a continuous supply of skilled professionals ready to contribute to the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Milton Keynes: A City Designed for Efficiency and Sustainability

From its grid road system to its emphasis on green spaces, Milton Keynes was designed for efficiency and sustainability. The city's layout minimises traffic congestion, while its numerous parks and green areas provide a refreshing contrast to urban density. Sustainability initiatives, such as renewable energy projects and eco-friendly transportation options, reflect Milton Keynes' commitment to creating a liveable, environmentally conscious city. These principles, coupled with an openness to technological innovations, position Milton Keynes as a city that not only respects its environment but also leverages technology for a sustainable future.

Living and Working in Milton Keynes

Living and working in Milton Keynes offers a unique experience, combining the amenities of a large city with the community feel of a smaller town. The city boasts excellent schools, shopping centers, cultural venues, and recreational facilities, making it an attractive place for families and individuals alike. The tech community here is vibrant and welcoming, offering numerous opportunities for networking, collaboration, and personal growth. For those looking to make a mark in the tech industry, Milton Keynes provides an environment where innovation is not just welcomed but celebrated.