25.05.2022 . 18:30

Healthy Placemaking - Wellbeing through Urban Design

Theme: General

A Community Event from Fred Roche Foundation

Location: MK Gallery, 900 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 3QA
Format: Talks

The Covid pandemic has made us even more aware of our environment and the impact that it has on health and well being. Milton Keynes already has many of the essentials for living healthier lives, but is it enough?

For architects, urban designers, planners, developers and anyone with an interest in Milton Keynes this is an essential presentation which discusses the path to healthier cities and developments through
6 core themes - urban planning, active transport, neighbourhood building blocks, environmental integration and community empowerment.

Our two speakers, Fred London and Anna Howell will consider the core themes from Fred’s book and how Milton Keynes measures against them. We will hear about the urban expansion of MK and how JTP Architects are working with the developer in MKEast to master plan the newest expansion area of MK.

No ticket registration required - free entry