Sustainability Hackathon

Theme: Sustainability
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A Protospace Event

Location: Virtual
Format: Hackathon

The first Protospace Hackathon will commence on Friday 19th to Sunday 21st March in collaboration with MK Hackathon and the South Central Institute of Technology. Over the course of the weekend, attendees will remotely collaborate in the design and development of a sustainability focussed project which aims to support the wider Milton Keynes community. The team consulted local organisations to understand the problems they're facing with sustainability and will be putting options for the project's focus to a public vote.

The Hackathon will be COVID-19 restrictions friendly and held online with teams working remotely. To make it accessible and interesting for those not actively participating, we will have regular live streams fronted by our Hackathon team and guests who will check-in with our participants over the course of the three days.

The team will utilise Open Source technologies to collaborate online, using Nextcloud, Gitlab and other tools provided by our supporters. The MK Hackathon team will be leading the participants and provide support, structure and virtual coffees.