19.03.2021–21.03.2021 . 08:30—18:00

Sustainability Hackathon

Theme: Sustainability

A Protospace Event

Location: Virtual
Format: Hackathon

The first Protospace Hackathon will commence on Friday 19th to Sunday 21st March in collaboration with MK Hackathon and the South Central Institute of Technology.

Over the course of the weekend, attendees will remotely collaborate in the design and development of a sustainability focussed project which aims to support the wider Milton Keynes community.

Whatever your skillset or ability, this is a great opportunity to contribute to the development of a local resource and experience working as a remote team on a fast paced and collaborate project, from concept to completion.

All participants will be awarded digital achievement badges that can be used to demonstrate verified participation (and receive a collection of lush sustainable swag!).

Register your place to get involved with a great Milton Keynes sustainable community project, plus get that swag!

  • The Brief

    Build a platform to help the citizens of Milton Keynes take small and regular steps towards being more sustainable.

    Proposed Project

    A unified online resource to provide citizens with advice and information on local sustainable projects, services and initiatives.

    The platform will allow citizens to easily discover nearby services or organisations to recycle specific goods (such as recycling facilities or community groups that can reuse, repair and upcycle) and sustainable initiatives that citizens can support or contribute to.

    The platform will aim to provide locally contextual advice and actions to help support a more sustainable lifestyle.

    Data will be crowdsourced, allowing citizens to contribute to the platform adding services, organisations and initiatives.

    Time permitting, extensions to the project could allow citizens to track and share their sustainable actions and contributions, such as recycling or cycling to work.


    The team consulted local organisations to understand the problems they are facing with sustainability and the possible solutions they would like to see. These responses were collated and common themes drawn from the research to guide the project focus.

    The common themes of interest were:

    • Developing a better understanding of what products can be recycled, how they can be recycled and where they can be recycled.

    • Developing a way to suggest, track and report sustainable actions to aid in decision making and measuring improvement.
  • A hackathon is an event where people come together to solve problems, most commonly resulting in the design and/or development of a software or technologically driven solution. Our aim is to create lasting value and bring a range of people and skillsets together to leverage synergies between the diverse communities in Milton Keynes.

    The event will be COVID-19 restrictions friendly and held online with teams working remotely at home. To make it accessible for those not actively participating, regular live streams fronted by the MK Hackathon team will check-in with participants over the course of the three days.

    The team will utilise Open Source technologies to collaborate online, using Nextcloud, Gitlab and other tools provided by our supporters. A short training session for participants with an overview of the tools will be made available in advance of the event.

    The MK Hackathon team will be leading the participants and provide support, structure and virtual coffees over the course of the weekend.

  • Absolutely — in fact, you're needed! Whatever your skillset or level there will be a place for you on the team! We need project managers, designers, copywriters, artists, creative minds, PR and team players.

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  • We will utilise audio and video conferencing to connect with all participants. On regular times during the day our hosts will connect with team leaders via video to catch up on the latest goings on, with explanations and context provided for those watching the live stream.

    (Daily, Fri-Sun)

    0830-0845 — Live chat doors open

    0900-0915 — Kick off live stream

    1200-1215 — Lunch time check-in

    1500-1515 —Afternoon catch-up

    1800-1815 — Evening wrap up

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